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Abbot Anaren – Successor and former apprentice to Abbot Armin, he has taken over the Temple of the Light in Smalltree after Armin’s death.
Abbot Armin xDECEASEDx – Founder and spiritual leader of the Temple of the Light in Smalltree.
Bruar Wheeler xDECEASEDx – Doppelganger who was involved with the Slick Fingers in Smalltree.
Kobren Taratar – Divination wizard who owns the Lost Artifact, a magic shop in Smalltree.
Ronalus Silvergarde – Werewolf hunter who lives within the Unclaimed lands on the edge of the human kingdom.
Toreyrn Swiftfoot – Druid sent to ensure Sheldon Bergenson does not turn into a werewolf.
Hoxis Bookbinder – Owner of Tomes and Librams.
Elrim – Conjuration wizard who lives in a tower to the east of Morbridge.


Fortune Farmers – Adventuring company who has gained some notoriety in the southern region of Shastopa.
G-LUCS – Gnomish wizard crafting guild. The make magical devices the average person can use to make their lives easier.
Nine Templar’s of the Light – High order of Paladins devoted to Pelor.
Noble Houses of Shastopa – Powerful and influential families of the human kingdom.
Order of the Magi – Largest and most prestigious wizard guild in the world, its members range from king’s advisers to traveling potion peddlers.
Royal Reserve – Shastopa’s officially recognized banking guild.
Slick Fingers – Very lose conglomeration of criminals throughout the human lands. Most cities and villages have derivations or members of this gang within their walls. Wherever crime is found, Slick Fingers are not far off.


Demons and Devils
Wonderous Event
Wonderous Event
Ancient Secret
Dwarves-A Treatise by Sheldon

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