Dwarves-A Treatise by Sheldon

Dwarves are a sneaky, secretive race of short folks. “Never trust a dwarf” was a common oath in Onnie’s Ford, where I grew up, but until I met one, I didn’t know how true it was. You can always tell a dwarf by their huge bushy beards, and the fact that they are only like 4 feet tall, if that.

Dwarves are fickle, saving you from snakebites one day, and drinking your potions the next. They can be ok in a fight, if they aren’t throwing their weapons away or dropping them. Many dwarves seem to be clerics, but they don’t ever seem to hold to the tenets of their faiths. Or use their special holy powers for much. Really, it seems like they only profess to believe in a god so they can get cool magic healing powers to not use very often.

Dwarves argue over everything. Even ones who claim to be best friends never seem to get along, and in fact, will stab each other in the back if it gains them something. They rarely help a friend in need, and treat orphans poorly, forgetting to feed them or even that they are there most of the time. When they do remember their charges, they treat them with indeiiference and neglect.

There are exceptions to this rule, however. One in particular, a dwarf maid named Elaine Magesteel, runs the Cute Cutlass weaponshop and smithy in Morbridge. Of all the dwarves I’ve met, she was the only one who was honest, hardworking, and good looking. All the others would lie to you through their scraggly unkempt beards and leave you hanging when you needed them most. They are also always preoccupied with their own problems, even when you need to get out of town and travel to get ingredients so you don’t turn into a werewolf.

In conclusion, the phrase “Never trust a Dwarf” seems to be about right.

Dwarves-A Treatise by Sheldon

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