Thamior Liadon

Elf Wizard


Thamior Liadon was once a talented student at the Larethian Academy, the most prestigious academy for wizardry in all of the known world. He was hand-chosen by the headmaster, Arominous, himself to attend and be tutored by some of the greatest minds of the arcane. Thamior excelled at all of his studies, constantly striving to be the best apprentice, not only in his class, but the entire school. He could never imagine leaving the academy before he mastered every spell and memorized every bit knowledge that the school and its master wizards had to give, but little did he know that was about to change.

Before the end of his first term, a courier from his father’s lands brought dark tidings. His home was under attack by the mountain dwarves. He did not give it a second thought, Thamior immediately began packing his belongings. He was set on going home to help protect his family and his homeland. Told by all the instructors that his training was incomplete and if he left now he would forever regret the decision for he could never return. Against the wishes of his friends and companions, Thamior left with the intention of aiding his family and fighting the dwarves.

By the time he arrive, it was a desolate wasteland, with only a few sturdy stone buildings left standing. upon Liadon Hill, the estate he grew up on had been fortified and now seemed to hold the last line of defense for those displaced from the town. As he rode up and was left through the defenses he could see his father, a brave commander of the armies of the 2nd age was mustering up troops to combat the dwarf invasion. Thamior was given an audience immediately with his family who had all survived thus far. His mother Ielenia and younger brother Rolen were pleased to see him, although they knew his presence here meant he had given up any future at the academy.

Thamior and his brother, a warrior in his own right, stood by their father Aramil in battle for three long and grueling months. The spells he learned at the academy served Thamior well. The resolve of his elven kin, the Xa’Lorian, was such that they were able to eventually drive away the dwarves. The enemy numbers so severely diminished, it would be many centuries again before they could raise an army worth fearing.

The aftermath of the war brought a rebuilding period. For about a month, Thamior lent the skills he had to those who needed them. He quickly grew restless, as he was used to the constant challenge of learning new spells and studying with the High Wizards at the Academy. Knowing he could never return there, Thamior set out into the world in search of others who might teach him the arcane ways, and to discover the secrets of the lost magi.

Thamior Liadon

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