Fortune Farmers

An adventuring band consisting of the following members:

Dilow – dwarf cleric of The Lightbringer, leader
Fox – halfling rogue (member of the Slick Fingers)
A’dayl – half elf ranger (fighter)
Tiny – human barbarian (huge dude)
Florence – elf wizard, exiled from Attanoran for dabbling in necromancy

This group of adventurers were with Rory’s men as they erected the watchtowers into the Devil’s Land. They have seen and fought a werewolf of two, but claim to be experts in their hunting. They captured the werewolf Luk and were paid off. They left the city north-bound days before the siege.

After being wounded by orcs following his successful distraction of the orc and gnoll siege force at Morbridge, Tero Gravelpit was gravely injured. Dilow and his men found Tero, and stabilized his wounds, assuring Wind and the other wolves that he was safe with them.

Fortune Farmers

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